Our firm, in collaboration with Estándares Pro Bono México, Fundación Barra Mexicana, Fundación Appleseed México, and the Centro Mexicano Pro Bono, is pleased to present the "Guía de Orientación Jurídica para los damnificados del Huracán Otis" (Legal Orientation Guide for Hurricane Otis Victims). 

The guide aims to provide relevant information for those affected by Hurricane Otis, assisting them in navigating the unfortunate damages they have experienced. Due to the legal implications of many of the actions they will need to take, it is imperative that they possess the knowledge needed to assert their rights in an informed manner. It is important to note that this guide does not replace the legal and personalized advice they may need. If specific legal guidance is required, they can request it pro bono (free of charge) through the Pro Bono Standards Mexico.

We invite you to read the full Guide or share it with who my need it. Likewise, we have included a new resource that features various infographics to facilitate the understanding of the processes that affected individuals must undertake based on their specific situation. (Only available in Spanish).

We provide you with the list of available infographics: 

  • Individuals and Civil Matters 
  • Health 
  • Insurance 
  • Labor and Social Security 
  • Support 
  • Consumer Rights 
  • Drinking water, energy, and services 
  • Tax Incentives 

In case you have any questions, please contact any of the experts that collaborated in the publication of the guide (see details below).