Our firm participated as sponsor in the International Congress: A Century of ICC Arbitration, hosted by ICC Mexico and the International Court of Arbitration of ICC. Adriana Padilla, Sara Hardy, and Mariana Tomassi represented our arbitration team at the event. The event brought together prominent pioneers of arbitration from Latin America, Europe, and other parts of the world. 

The experts addressed the following key topics related to the evolution of arbitration and future projections: 

  • They emphasized the importance of respecting stepped dispute resolution clauses. Ignoring cooling-off periods does not benefit clients or professionals, as it can lead to objections and delays in the arbitration process. 
  • They highlighted the need to minimize judicial intervention in arbitrations. They also analyzed judicial criteria and advancements in various jurisdictions related to this point. 
  • They pointed out that arbitration offers an appropriate forum for the resolution of environmental disputes, especially in the context of investment treaties. 
  • They recognized that there will be cases where courts need to annul arbitral awards, and emphasized the importance of having local courts that do not hesitate to annul such awards when necessary, contributes to the reliability of arbitration. 
  • They stressed that problematic arbitration clauses are still a relevant issue today, and in many cases, they remain "midnight clauses." In construction contracts, where disputes are frequent, the involvement of arbitration-specialized lawyers is essential. 
These relevant topics reinforce our vision and commitment to excellence in the practice of arbitration and the defense of our clients' interests. We remain committed to staying updated on the latest trends and advancements in the field of international arbitration.