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July 05, 2024


Puntos Finos - The strict indispensability of the commitment fee agreed upon in credit contracts

Our partner Óscar López Velarde and associates Samantha Oseguera, and Luis Juárez, explore in this article published in Thomson Reuters' Puntos Finos magazine, how in Mexico the tax deductibility of the commitment fee in credit contracts has been improperly analyzed by the...

June 27, 2024


ITR Local Insights - The impact of Mexican judicial reforms on tax dispute resolution

Our partners Oscar López Velarde and Juan José Paullada, and associate Gabriel Marquez, explore in this article the intensification of Mexican tax audits and the future of tax dispute resolution. Despite no planned tax reforms under President-elect Claudia Sheinbaum, the current...

June 27, 2024

Environmental and Social Impact

LIR México - Offsetting emissions: an instrument for environmental sustainability in Mexico

Our partner Brenda Rogel and associate Ana Paulina Arenas examine in this article published in the 'Environmental' section of the 15th edition No.1 (new version) of Legal Industry Reviews Mexico, the urgency of addressing the climate crisis following the historic temperature record experienced in...

June 25, 2024

Ritch Mueller

Abogadas MX - At the table we don't talk about religion, politics, or football; Can we talk about financial planning with a gender perspective?

Abogadas MX published on its blog this article prepared by our associates Sara Hardy and Marcelle Cohen, in which they make an in-depth analysis of the relevance and benefits of financial planning with a gender perspective. Our experts explain that equitable financial planning is essential for...

June 13, 2024

Mergers and Acquisitions

Chambers Global Practice Guide - Venture Capital 2024: Mexico

Our partners Eduardo Triulzi, Gabriel Robles, Héctor Cárdenas, and Eric Silberstein co-authored the “Law and Practice” and “Trends & Developments” sections of Mexico’s chapter for Chambers’ Venture Capital Practice Guide. Key topics...

June 04, 2024

Real Estate

Chambers Global Practice Guide - Real Estate 2024: Mexico

Our partners, Javier Domínguez, Santiago Carrillo, and Gabriel Torres, along with associate Diego Rodríguez, co-authored the "Trends and Developments" section of Mexico's chapter, for Chambers´ Real Estate Guide 2024. In this article, our experts delve into Mexico's evolving...

April 30, 2024


ITR Local Insights - Understanding Mexican PE risks from services rendered by foreign resident contractors

Our partner Juan José Paullada and associate Gabriel Márquez, explore in this article how in Mexico the fiscal landscape for foreign entities operating within its borders can be particularly challenging from a compliance perspective, especially when such entities conduct activities...

April 29, 2024

Mergers and Acquisitions

Mexican FIBRAs: regulatory clarity needed on acquisitions by other FIBRAs

Our partner Oscar López Velarde and law clerk Regina Albornoz, explore in this article the tax implications of potential acquisitions in the booming Mexican real estate market. The pursuit of Terrafina by other FIBRAs sheds light on taxation challenges amidst regulatory ambiguity....

February 21, 2024

Environmental and Social Impact

LIR Mexico - Environmental tax reforms for 2024

Our partner, Brenda Rogel, and associate Javier Camacho, highlight in this article featured in the 'Environmental' section of the 14th edition of Legal Industry Reviews Mexico magazine, the most relevant reforms to the state legislation of the State of Mexico, San Luis Potosí, and...

February 19, 2024

Competition and Antitrust

Abogadas Mx - Economic Competition and Gender Perspective

Abogadas MX published on its blog this article prepared by our associates Marta Loubet and Julia Fuentes, in which they analyze the impact of the lack of competition on gender inequality. While the question whether these goals should be considered in antitrust policy persists, the article states...

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