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June 16, 2022

Pro Bono

Healthy we are more productive

Ada Castillo explains in this article published by AbogadasMX, how to identify problems in the workplace that affect mental health and how to address them to maintain productivity. "Doesn't having healthy employees improve the quality and productivity of the work performed in the...

June 09, 2022

Real Estate

Real Estate Investments in Mexico

Oscar A. López Velarde, Juan José Paullada, and Fernando Caballero discuss in the following article published by ITR (International Tax Review), the options for structuring real estate funds to invest in Mexico. Read article...

May 10, 2022

Banking and Finance

Cryptocurrencies in Mexico

Luis A. Nicolau and Gabriel Robles identify in the following article written for Chambers Expert Focus, some of the questions and challenges surrounding the current development and future growth of virtual currencies in Mexico, such as: Should cryptocurrencies be regulated in a manner equivalent to...

April 28, 2022


Debt funds participating in the Mexican market

Santiago Llano Zapatero and Diego Guerrero Segura discuss in the following article published by ITR (International Tax Review), the structures on offer for debt funds lending into Mexico, and the benefits and drawbacks of each. Read article...

March 22, 2022


Mexican issuers to file new report on the sale of shares between foreign residents

Juan José Paullada and Eric Palacios explain in the following article published by ITR (International Tax Review), why the new report’s due compliance and enforceability still carries complexities. Read article...

March 08, 2022

Capital Markets

Sustainable bonds in Mexico, a long-term view

José Berrueta and Luis A. Nicolau explain in the following article published by LexLatin, the characteristics of sustainability-linked bonds, the technical differences compared to other types of thematic bonds and the dynamism they’ve had in the last 5 years among Mexican issuers. Read...

March 07, 2022


Impact of Mexico’s ‘controlling beneficiary’ rules

Santiago Llano y Eduardo García analyse in the following article published by ITR (International Tax Review), the impact and relevance of the Mexico’s ‘controlling beneficiary’ rules, including several issues arising due to their poor implementation. Read...


December 17, 2021


Solvency requirements for legal representatives of non-Mexican residents: Impact on M&A transactions

Oscar López Velarde y Alonso Miranda, describe in the following article published by ITR (International Tax Review), the changes for foreign residents when appointing a legal representative to claim treaty benefits on Mexican sourced capital gains from the sale of shares. Read article...

November 10, 2021


De-SPACing tax considerations in Mexico

Santiago Llano, Oscar López Velarde and Fernando Caballero Gout explain in the following article published by ITR (International Tax Review), why special purpose acquisition companies (SPACs) are of significant interest to companies in Mexico. Read article...

November 04, 2021

Energy and Infrastructure Projects

Project Finance 2021 Mexico

Jorge Oria is the author of Mexico's "Law and Practice" chapter of Chambers Project Finance 2021 guide, in which he addresses the most important mexican legal aspects related to project finance. Key topics include: Project Finance PanoramaGuarantees and SecurityEnforcementForeign...

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