GRI Club hosted the event Latin America GRI Real Estate 2022, in which Javier Domínguez participated as Co-Host in the panel "Industrial and logistics The star of the decade?" to discuss together with other experts the following topics: 

  • Supply Chain Optimization, Site Selection, Build-to-Suit - Which are the best practices? 
  • Lease Negotiations, Renewals, Rent Reviews and Restructuring - strategies to win-win relationships. 
  • Growing demand for Data Centers - What type of assets can supply this market need? 
  • What are the strategic geographies? Is there room for retrofitting existing assets? 
  • Future opportunities - What asset class has the most potential? What are investors looking for? Is supply chain reshoring a real opportunity?"

In a challenging context, conditioned by the economic, political, health and social turbulence brought by the pandemic, the evolution of lifestyles, consumption and work; CEOs, presidents and senior executives met to establish the guidelines that will drive the Latin American real estate sector in the coming years.