On March 18, Amexcap and Ritch Mueller hosted the webinar "Challenges and Opportunities for Mexican Family Offices", in which Oscar López Velarde, talked about the changes to the Mexican tax regime that modify the traditional forms of investment in Mexico and abroad, and affect various existing wealth structures. 

The topics discussed were the following: 

  • U.S. Investment Reporting. Effects of the Trump reform, the capital gains tax rate, the 1031 exchange, among other incentives.
  • Exchange rate fluctuations. 
  • Investments in crypto assets. 
  • Tax advisors and taxpayers reporting schemes before the SAT. 
  • Strategies to protect investments and assets against possible arbitrary acts by authorities.
  • Potential inheritance and estate taxes. 
  • Migrations to other countries and changes of tax residence. 

If you wish to receive the link to watch the webinar recording, please click here