On May 29th, The Legal 500 will host its GC Summit Mexico 2024, a significant event that brings together legal professionals, corporate counsel, and industry leaders to discuss key legal and business developments in Mexico. This year's key legal topics will focus on the evolving regulatory framework across various sectors in Mexico. The discussions will cover recent legislative reforms, regulatory updates, and compliance requirements affecting businesses operating in Mexico.

Our partners Ricardo Calderón and Brenda Rogel, along with Javier Perochena, ESG Director at Banco Santander, and Eva Frías, Managing Director at Coppel, will present the panel "Navigating Sustainable financing: a practical approach to its core concepts", in which they will explore the mechanisms through which businesses can effectively label their credits to reflect their commitment to sustainability. By delving into various strategies and best practices, the panel aims to shed light on how companies can navigate the complexities of sustainable financing while enhancing transparency, accountability, and stakeholder engagement.