This article, authored by our partner Gabriel Robles and associate Ernesto Talamás in collaboration with Thomson Reuters, offers a comprehensive overview of private placements and other securities offerings that are exempt from the registration requirement under the securities laws of Mexico. Our experts explain what a private placement is and why companies, fund managers, and other players conduct private placements in Mexico. They also examine registration exemptions commonly used by issuers and investors who wish to sell equity or debt securities in exempt offerings.

Here are the key topics covered in the article: 

  • Merits of Exempt Offerings
  • Registration Requirement for Public Offerings
  • Registration Exemptions
  • Offerings to Institutional and Qualified Investors
  • Offerings to Fewer than 100 People
  • Offerings Under ESOPs
  • Offerings to Shareholders or Partners of Clubs or Civil Associations
  • Offerings Under Ad Hoc CNBV Approvals
  • Summary of Requirements for Registration Exemptions
  • Certain Requirements for Private Offerings
  • Sanctions
  • Current Trends in Private Offerings

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