Through our Pro Bono Program, on June 28 we hosted an executive event in our offices, in collaboration with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR in Mexico) and the Appleseed Mexico Foundation. The event aimed to engage with legal directors from prominent financial institutions, lawyers, and key stakeholders including the National Banking and Securities Commission, the Mexican Commission for Refugee Assistance, the National Population Registry, the National Institute of Migration (INAMI), and the Mexican Bankers Association (ABM) - to discuss the financial inclusion of refugees in Mexico. 

During the event, the experts examined relevant legal regulations and reviewed best practices regarding the documentation requirements faced by this population when opening bank accounts in Mexico, taking into consideration the challenges they face when forced to leave their home countries. 

Our partner Pablo Perezalonso and associates Daniela Solís, Ada Castillo, and Diego Rodriguez, served as speakers and hosts of this important event.