GRI Club hosted Mexico's GRI Real Estate 2022, in which Javier Domínguez and Santiago Carrillo participated as speakers in the following panels of experts (listed in the same order):

"Hospitality, Opportunities and Disruptive Models" : 

  • Consolidating the destination in post pandemic - How to maintain the level of tourist flow now that the world is opening its doors again? 
  • Short - term rental, boutique hotels and micro niches - Passing fads, how to cater to the new guest, what models can merge the changing needs? 
  • JV - Is "sharing" a good way to minimize risks? How is the investor positioned? 

"Financing and Investment - Which paths drive the industry?"

  • Inflation, costs and rising rates - How to make decisions while taking care of risks - What variables should be closely monitored? 
  • Preferred businesses - Which assets are preferred? Which cities attract the best investments and why? 
  • Equity Vs. Debt - Which vehicles are performing positively? Are international players more active? Are there new interesting avenues?

In a context of transformation and new trends, GRI Club members and senior and C-level executives from the real estate industry gathered at Mexico GRI Real Estate 2022 to discuss the guidelines that will mark the evolution of the various assets and connect with business partners.