Jean Paul Farah participated as a speaker at the Bonds & Loans Latin America & Caribbean 2021 event. In the panel "Underwriting and syndicating loans in 2022 and beyond: Who is lending, at what price and on what terms?"

The panel included the discusion of the following topics:
  • Underwriting syndications vs club deals: Which structures are banks favouring as we head into 2022?
  • Assessing local market liquidity: How do local banks’ appetite for offering favourable pricing and tenor vary across Latin America and the Caribbean? 
  • How much are international banks willing to lend on long-term projects, if downgrade risk is involved?

The event hosted by GFC Media Group brougth together leading government officials, regulators, investors, bankers and corporates from Latin America and the Caribbean to talk about how they are navigating the current economic climate and share their expectations for 2022.