Our partner Brenda Rogel and associate Ana Paulina Arenas examine in this article published in the 'Environmental' section of the 15th edition No.1 (new version) of Legal Industry Reviews Mexico, the urgency of addressing the climate crisis following the historic temperature record experienced in May of this year in Mexico City. 

Our experts highlight the implementation of instruments such as the emissions trading system (ETS) and carbon offset credits (CCOs) to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. They also emphasize the importance of distinguishing between CCOs and Clean Energy Certificates (CELs) in the renewable energy sector to comply with national and international regulations and avoid double counting. 

"The effective implementation of these instruments not only benefits companies by reducing their carbon footprint but also significantly contributes to transitioning towards a more sustainable and resilient energy system in the face of climate change challenges." 

We invite you to read the full article (pages 38-39) to learn more about this topic (only available in Spanish). 

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