Abogadas MX published on its blog this article prepared by our associates Sara Hardy and Marcelle Cohen, in which they make an in-depth analysis of the relevance and benefits of financial planning with a gender perspective. 

Our experts explain that equitable financial planning is essential for the well-being of any household. Although rarely discussed, it is crucial to approach the topic with a gender perspective to ensure that economic contributions are proportional and fair. 

In Mexico, the gender pay gap and the recognition of unpaid work, mostly performed by women, are persistent problems. Promoting the diversification of income sources and mutual support as a couple can significantly improve financial stability. This comprehensive approach allows each member of the household to feel valued, regardless of their financial contribution. Reflecting and acting upon these financial practices is essential to building an inclusive and equitable family environment. 

"Let's talk about financial planning; let's eliminate gender roles and together build a home where each member feels valued and respected, regardless of her or his financial contribution."

 We invite you to read the full article to learn more about this topic (only available in Spanish).