Our partners, Javier Domínguez, Santiago Carrillo, and Gabriel Torres, along with associate Diego Rodríguez, co-authored the "Trends and Developments" section of Mexico's chapter, for Chambers´ Real Estate Guide 2024.

In this article, our experts delve into Mexico's evolving role in nearshoring, highlighting its strategic advantages and economic potential, alongside an examination of the challenges it faces and the imperative steps required to capitalize on nearshoring opportunities. 

Key ideas include:

  • Mexico is emerging as a key player in the nearshoring landscape.
  • Mexico's proximity to the US, favorable trade agreements, and skilled workforce make it an attractive nearshoring destination.
  • Nearshoring has increased foreign investment and demand for private industrial parks in Mexico.
  • Infrastructure deficiencies and regulatory hurdles are the main obstacles for nearshoring.

We invite you to read the full article to learn more about this topic. 

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