Abogadas MX published on its blog this article prepared by our associates Marta Loubet and Julia Fuentes, in which they analyze the impact of the lack of competition on gender inequality. While the question whether these goals should be considered in antitrust policy persists, the article states that the lack of competition particularly affects women, fostering gender inequality in the workplace, entrepreneurship, and in consumer markets. In this regard, they highlight the importance of incorporating a gender perspective into antitrust policies to close this gap and promote more inclusive and resilient economic growth. 

The analysis of gender and competition has led organizations such as the OECD and national competition authorities to develop tools to apply a gender perspective into antitrust policies. Cases like those sanctioned by COFECE in Mexico in industries such as football and personal hygiene, demonstrate how the lack of competition can worsen the gender gap. 

"By incorporating a gender perspective into their work, competition authorities have the potential to help closing the gender gap while improving the effectiveness and impact of their actions and promoting a more resilient and inclusive economic growth."

We invite you to read the full article to learn more about this topic (only available in Spanish).