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Tax News



October 09, 2019


Newsflash: Amendment proposal to restrict interest deductibility in Mexico

The 2020 Economic Plan proposes to introduce subsection XXXII to article 28 of the Mexican Income Tax Law (MITL), with the purpose of limiting the deductibility of net interest paid by companies in a given fiscal year, to the amount that results from multiplying the net adjusted profit by 30%. In...


September 13, 2019


Newsflash - 2020 Economic Plan - Main Taxes Takeaway

The 2020 proposed tax reform (the “Tax Reform”) submitted by the Mexican Secretary of Finance before the Mexican Congress includes relevant changes to the Mexican tax provisions which may significantly impact current business structures in Mexico. Tax Transparency. The Tax Reform aims...


September 09, 2019


Newsflash - 2020 Economic Plan Proposal

Yesterday, the Mexican Secretary of Treasury submitted the 2020 economic plan proposal before the house of representatives. Among other documents, the economic plan includes the 2020 Federal Revenue Act project and a project that reforms, enacts and repeals several provisions of the Mexican Income...


May 09, 2019


Newsflash - New Labor Reform

On May 1st, the Federal Official Gazette (“FOG”) published the Decree which amends, adds and repeals several provisions of the Federal Labor Law, among other laws, regarding labor justice, union freedom and collective bargaining (“Decree”). After being approved by the...


January 10, 2019


Newsflash - New tax incentives granted to promote the Mexican financial markets

As part of a multidisciplinary strategy of the Mexican Ministry of Finance and Public Credit (SHCP) and the Mexican Central Bank (Banxico) that is meant to stimulate the financial sector in Mexico, a presidential decree was issued on January 8, 2019, introducing several tax incentives that are...



December 18, 2018


Newsflash - New Administration Proposes Economic Plan for 2019

On December 15th, 2018, the Mexican Secretary of Treasury submitted the 2019 economic plan proposal (the “2019 Economic Plan”) before the house of representatives, which has yet to be discussed and approved and is expected to be enacted –with no relevant amendments– no later...

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