Luis Dantón Martínez Corres

Luis Danton Martinez Corres joined the firm in 2018 as partner and is the head of our Corporate Governance & Compliance practice group. He helps companies to develop, assess and improve continuously their corporate governance practices and their compliance programs and also participates in corporate investigations on diverse matters, including anticorruption, both of a local or multinational nature.

Mr. Martinez Corres previously worked in the legal departments of Citibank Mexico, Banco Nacional de Mexico, Citigroup in New York City, Walmart Mexico and Central America, and the Mexican Ministry of Finance and Public Credit. Immediately prior to his incorporation as a partner of Ritch Mueller, he served as Head of Legal and Trustee Services of Nacional Financiera, S.N.C., a leading Mexican development bank.

The diverse and significant professional experience of Mr. Martinez Corres has enabled him to participate and specialize in a broad range of banking and financial transactions, mergers and acquisitions, and regulatory matters, which have resulted in significant exposure and deep understanding of compliance, anticorruption including FCPA, corporate governance, anti-money laundering and investigations.

Mr. Martinez Corres participated in the development and implementation of the 2013 Mexican Financial Reform and coordinated the publishing of the book, “The Financial Reform Explained”, which was then published by Nacional Financiera. He has also written several articles on financial topics and on the reforms of the Mexican banking system.

Luis Danton Martinez Corres also regularly writes articles and contributions to different business and specialized publications in corporate governance and compliance, and is frequently speaker in forums and events on these topics.

Recent Experience in Relevant Matters

  • Development, risk assessment and recommendations of improvement of compliance programs of different companies in the construction and real estate development, infrastructure, energy, banking and finance sectors.
  • Participation in a complex investigation for a top New York investment fund with respect to a significant project in Mexico.
  • Participated in the crisis management team during the first year of the Walmart Mexico investigation under FCPA by the DOJ.
  • The acquisition of a 100% of Walmart Central America by Walmart México.
  • The development and implementation of a new Global Compliance Program for Citigroup.
  • The acquisition of 100% of Banco Nacional de México by Citigroup.

Extracurricular Activities

  • Has been a law professor at the School of law of UNAM.
  • Secretary of the Governing Board of the Mexican Institute for Development (CIDAC) 1996-2017.
  • Board member of the non-profit Mexicans and Americans Thinking Together for Education (MATT for Education).
  • Associate of the Mexican Council of Foreign Affairs (COMEXI).


  • Graduated with a law degree from UNAM (1991).
  • Obtained his MBA from Anderson Graduate School of Business, UCLA (1993).
  • Obtained his LL.M from UCLA (1994).
  • Admitted to the practice of law in New York (2008).
  • Currently working on his thesis, “The enforcement of economic rights”, at the Legal Research Institute of UNAM in order to obtain PhD in Law.

Experience Abroad

  • Assistant Director of Compliance for the Global Consumer Bank and representative of the Compliance function at the M&A Committee of Citigroup in New York City (2005-2008).

Practice Area(s)

  • Corporate Governance & Compliance


  • Spanish
  • English



  • Av. Pedregal 24 piso 10,
  • Molino del Rey, 11040 México D.F.
  • T. (52.55) 9178.7000


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